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Patient Stories

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Please note that not every patient is going to experience the same type of results as those featured in news stories at the links below. Consult your physician to discuss the appropriateness of NeuroBlate® for your condition. As with any medical procedure, there are risks. The NeuroBlate System is not appropriate for every tumor type and location. For example, it may be difficult to use the technology on certain large or irregularly shaped tumors. In addition, some patients have had temporary swelling after the procedure that may cause some short-term abnormal brain or nervous system function.

Linked below are stories from other patients, families or caregivers who have dealt with brain lesions. Select from featured stories and news segments below that detail certain centers across the country who are offering laser ablation to their patients and listen/watch these patient stories.


WDAF-TV Kansas City (Jul 2014) New option for treating inoperable brain tumors


PBS 2-Part Series (Aug 2014) Part 1: UCSD surgeon uses unique 3D tools during brain surgery


PBS 2-Part Series (Aug 2014) Part 2: UCSD surgeon uses unique 3D tools during brain surgery


Greater MSP Business (Dec 2014) Interview with John Schellhorn of Monteris Medical


Medical Breakthroughs by Ivanhoe (Oct 2014) Burning away brain tumors


Dayton Daily News (Jan 2015) New revolutionary brain surgery targets previously inoperable tumors

icon_Porcelli_KetteringABCWKEF ABC News (Jan 2015) Game Changing Surgery Gives Patients Hope icon_Field_FLhospital

Florida Hospital Neuroscience Institute (Jul 2014) Brain-tumor Patient Becomes Central Florida’s First to Have Laser-heat Treatment


WHIO Dayton, OH (Mar 2015) Groundbreaking brain tumor procedure now offered locally


The Vancouver Sun (Oct 2014) Robotic laser surgery approved for brain tumours at Vancouver General Hospital

icon_Toyota_Dorchestor (Dec 2014) Laser is used to blast a young man’s brain tumour

icon_Barnett_ClevelandClinic_CoughenourCleveland Clinic (Mar 2015) Kenny Coughenour, a Cleveland Clinic patient, was one of the first in the country to be treated with the NeuroBlate® System.*

Cleveland Clinic (Oct 2014) 5 Amazing Brain Surgery Innovations

icon_Badie_Cityofhope (May 2015) New Technology in Cancer Care

MedCity News (Jan 2016) Monteris has developed an innovative laser tool that allows surgeons to selectively burn away lesions and tumors in the brain.

TribLIVE (Nov 2015) Neurosurgeons using laser technology to eradicate brain tumors

Greater MSP Business (Oct 2015) Interview with John Schellhorn of Monteris Medical on Greater MSP Business

Winnipeg Free Press (Oct 2015) It Actually is Brain Surgery

Practical Neurology (Jun 2015) Two FDA Approved Mini Probes Launch

Dayton Daily News (Jan 2015) Kettering Offers New Treatment for Brain Tumors

ABC (Jan 2015) Game Changing Surgery Gives Patients Hope

ABC WNEB 16 (May 2016) Healthwatch 16: Treating Aggressive Brain Tumors with Lasers

*NeuroBlate is a tool (as opposed to a “treatment”) that can be used to address tumors and lesions. NeuroBlate is not intended to treat any specific disease.

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